Alexis Chavarria


Alexis 'Lobo Feroz' Chavarria is an active Professional Muay Thai and Kickboxing Fighter.

Amateur: 2010 USMTA Muay Thai Champion (135)

2011 TBA-SA Finalist (132)

2011 USMTA Finalist (135) 2012 Houston Golden Gloves Finalist Amateur

Muay Thai Record- 7W 5L (4KO/TKO) Amateur Boxing Record- 2W 1L

7 years training under Kru Pong (Thussayu Phumpswarng)

2 year training under Coach Jose Vasquez (Aztlan Boxing)

1 year training under Ilya Grad

2 year training under Cyrus Washington


Robert Ezzell


Robert Ezzell started his Jiu-Jitsu journey almost 10 years ago after being introduced to Muay Thai and MMA. He is currently a brown belt under Jason & Joe Soliz at 3rd Coast MMA. After a few years of training and receiving his blue belt COach Robert began competing in GI & nogi. He did many local tournaments through Houston and learned more about the sport each time he competed. Robert Ezzell continued to compete through his blue belt, purple belt and currently still competing at Brown belt. He has competed in IBJJF,  super fights (TX Sub Hunter, FTW Pro, Grand Prix Grappling) Onnit Invitational and local competitions as well. Robert began teaching Jiu-Jitsu a couple years after he received his blue belt and taught for a few years into his purple belt as well. Robert taught kids, women, and men through out his time as an instructor. Jiu-Jitsu is his life’s passion, and he enjoys sharing the knowledge he has learned through many years of training.